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For the time being we’re adopting an appointment-only policy for demonstrations in order to keep both customers and staff safe. Please complete the form below and book your preferred time slot, specifying whether you want a HiFi or cinema demonstration,


If your visit is to drop off a service item, have a quick chat or simply to browse, you don’t need an appointment, we’ll just apply a little common sense – you may have to wait outside for a wee while if the shop’s busy.

Covid Protocol.

Until current restrictions are eased further, we’d ask all visitors to wear a mask unless exempt, and request no more than 2 adults enter the shop together.


Music systems for long-term listening pleasure.

We’ve been promised ‘the ultimate sound’ just about as long as there has been recorded music. Every time there’s another technical advance, it seems that this is marketed as being ‘the big breakthrough.’

The truth is (regardless of what the technical boffins and the marketing people suggest) that assembling a system to play music in the home is still as much of an art as a science.

A good HiFi system will have you reaching for disc after disc and provide years of enjoyment. If you find yourself turning off the music in favour of the TV, your system probably needs some care and attention, so please give us a call.

True ‘Smart Home’ installations bring anything with a remote, an app or a button under the control of one simple universal system.

The term ‘Smart Home’ means different things to different people. Many UK homes already have some ‘Smart’ devices; internet connected TVs and set top boxes such as Apple TV can be used with their own remote control, but as control via phones and tablets is possible these devices earn ‘Smart’ status. Add a wifi-controllable heating thermostat and some might consider that they have a ‘Smart Home.’

These features are in fact becomming ubiquitous… there’s an app for almost everything these days, but a muddle of smart devices with multiple stand-alone apps is untidy, difficult to use and a waste of time for all but the die-hard technology enthusiast.

A genuine ‘Smart Home’ system turns the tables and makes technology work for you.  This can only be achieved by integrating all these smart devices into a single control system.

Tell us what you have in mind – we can deal with everything from concept through to design, installation and after sales support.

Lights, cinema, action… immersive ‘Home Cinema’ systems.

A good Home Cinema system will make the difference between merely watching a movie and it being a memorable experience.

But it’s easy to make a home cinema system bright and loud and initially impressive, but often this sensation is short lived and replaced with fatigue.

On the other hand a well chosen system will reward you with a more subtle and involving experience. In fact, with the best systems you should be involved with your movie so much that you forget all about the system.

And what's this stuff actually called? Traditionally, in the US they refer to ‘home theatre.’ In the UK, on the other hand, ‘home cinema’ was the preferred term.

Recently however there's come to be something of a split, and the higher-end products are increasingly referred to as home theatre with home cinema being more the starter and mid-range equipment.

In any event, if you want to watch movies with top quality sound and vision, get in touch. We’ll show you what's possible and you can call it whatever you like…

We provide audio, visual, lighting, and control systems to many commercial sectors including boardrooms & office, leisure, retail and public space.

Audio provision includes, foreground/performance, background and paging (with muting integration into fire alarm systems where appropriate).

Visual provision includes, plasma, LCD, projection for TV, presentation and digital signage.

Lighting provision includes, zoned dimming for most types of space.

Control provision includes, control over all of the above and other systems via simple button panels or comprehensive touch screen systems.

our key brands include:

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